Same day certifications!


Same Day Certifications

Show up, complete the training, and receive your American Heart Association certification before you walk out of class!

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is the most nationally recognized and globally accepted training organization in the field of cardiovascular disease and prevention. They are widely respected for their expertise and contributions to healthcare guidelines, research, and education.

100% pass Rate

Our instructors are diligent in addressing every aspect of CPR training, which includes a comprehensive review of the post-exam phase to ensure participants achieve a passing score



The combination of AHA BLS CPR Class paired with the supplemental CPR Certification Houston First Aid Training. At the end of the combination class you will be issued an AHA BLS CPR E Card and you will receive a LIFESAVER First Aid Card.


This is a thorough CPR certification course. It equips you with the skills to perform high-quality CPR and AED use during an emergency.  This course is designed to meet the needs of professionals across various industries and surpasses the requirements set by many employers.


If you are interested in gathering a group of friends and learning CPR from your home, we can do that also!Here at LIFESAVER CPR, we are flexible and are willing to work with you and your company or group in order to provide the training that fits best for you. For customized training options, contact LIFESAVER @ 832-386-8843



westheimer & The Beltway

LIFESAVER is located on the 3rd floor inside Suite 300. Parking is free anywhere along the exterior of the property.

8866 Gulf Freeway

1st building on the right. LIFESAVER is located on the 1st floor just passed the elevators in  Suite 135. Parking is free.

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BLS & AED + First Aid

$79.95 2 hours 30 minutes

AHA BLS & AED Training

$59.95 2 hours 30 minutes


Leo with BLS CPR was absolutely excellent! He was engaging, made the class interesting and fun, remembered everyone by name, and the time passed quickly while still learning so much in an easy-to-remember format. I’m not a health care professional, but the others in the group who are and take these certification courses fairly regularly all raved about Leo’s knowledge and skill for presenting CPR with details that are often overlooked. Highly recommend!
Avety Clark
The instruction was excellent and thorough with attentiveness from the instructor and a pleasing helpful attitude. The classroom is well equipped and clean. Discussion of real life experiences with CPR was welcomed and discussed which anchored the techniques to memory. I’ve been required to take CPR training for many decades. This instruction raised the bar on excellence.
Ivana Leonard
I have taken several CPR recertification classes over the years. This was by far the absolute best class ever. The instructor Leonard Williams is brilliant. He taught all the necessary steps and procedures in a way that was exceptional. I learned and understood more from his class than any class I've taken(that being several as I've actively been a nurse for 13 years). He by nature created a learning atmosphere that was joyful, fun and relaxed. This in turn created a bond with classmates to trust share and interact with each other making learning FUN!!! As recertification is required I want to attend his classes for the rest of my career! Sincerely Martha Butler
Martha Butler